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No more shooting off our mouths. We're now closed for good. We were sad for a while, but we got over it.


Between 2003 and 2009, we published great novellae and essays and won the Million Writers Award for Best Publisher of Novella-Length Fiction three times in a row, before retiring from the competition.


Thanks to all the authors who sent us their work.  We kept the site up, intact, until 2015, when our ISP forced us to move house. We hope to restore the full site eventually; in the mean time, we've linked below to a few of our favorites (though we've had to leave a lot out -- we do have day jobs). If you're an author who needs a live link to your story, email us at thekingsenglish [at] comcast.org.   

... Apologies for the ragged presentation. It'll be a bit before we've got our house back in order.


Read ...  

▪►"Pig Roast," by Bill Bukovsan, Spring 2005

▪►"Magdalene's Passion," by Mark McNamara, Fall 2006.

▪►"Myra's Orbit," by Maisie McAdoo, Fall 2006.

▪►"Wonder," by S.M.R. Saia, Fall 2004.

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